7 comments on “Ipsy Bag July 2013 – My Glam Room + My Ipsy Me Profile Quiz

      • I wanted the Benetint at first because I LOVE lip stains. But I realize the humidity spray and scrub are much for practical. I have frizzy hair and oily skin so I can really benefit (unintended pun, haha!!) from the spray and scrub. I went out and got two elf lip stains to replace my lack of benetint. I’m gonna post a review so feel free to check it out 😀 Would you trade the scrub or spray for benetint??

      • Hahaha. I have frizzy hair and oily skin too! That’s why I was super excited to be receiving the scrub. I wouldn’t trade the spray or scrub for Benetint. I actually saw a youtube video for a DIY cheek/lip stain and it blew my mind how similar it was to Benetint! All it is was some unsweetened kool-aid mix with whatever color you would want and then just add some water. I could have a DIY Benetint for $0.20, lol 🙂

        If you wouldn’t mind, can you send me a link to your blog? I found your main profile page but I couldn’t find any reviews/ways to subscribe! I would LOVE to see your review and subscribe! I’ve been curious about ELF Lip Stains. Did you get the Studio Lip Stains or the Essential Lip Stain Pens?

      • I’m about to go use the scrub right now hehehe I’ll tell you how it goes. I do love those microbeads.

        yes, the blog is http://www.rjleelee.wordpress.com

        I got the Essential Lip Stains (the one that looks like markers). I’ve heard good things about the Studio Lip Stains from itsjudytime but I don’t like lip glosses too much (so sticky!!) so I didn’t pick them up.

  1. Ashley! I just tried the micro derma scrub. It smells like limes! I love citrus ❤
    And it leaves the skin soft and moisturized. I love it because a little goes a long way. I used a pea-size. Let me know how it goes for you 😀

    • Ahhhh, I’m so excited now! I saw on the derma e website that a full size is only 2 ounces, so I was a little worried. Mine should take about 3-5 more days to reach me. As of today my package was tendered to USPS, and they take FOREVER.

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